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How does it work?

One off

If you just want to try some delicious local products it's like any other shop, pick what you want and we deliver it.

Regular deliveries

If you want to make shopping locally a part of your regular shop, our boxes are the way to go. They are flexible, change or pause them at any time.

Step 1

Pick products from our online store and select how often you want them. For example maybe you want bread, eggs and milk to be delivered once a week, but coffee once a month.

Step 2

We deliver your order in one of our reusable LocalBoxes. Don't worry if you aren't home, we use cool bags for the fresh items and our sturdy boxes keep the elements out.

Step 3

On your next delivery day leave your LocalBox out for us to collect.

Step 4

We'll take the empty LocalBox away and leave you a full one!

More questions?

Check out our Help Center or drop us an email at hello@localboxni.com