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Shiitake Mushrooms - 150g


These flavour bombs are a real delight to eat. The only shiitake mushroom grown in Northern Ireland, there is a deep, intense flavour that lingers.

Tasty cooked on their own, heaped on top of sourdough, with steak or run through tagliatelle. They don't need any thing more than a bit of oil or butter.

Tips from Jemmy, the grower: Use a dry brush to remove any debris, remove the plastic cover to let them breathe. Place a small piece of cardboard over the punnet and let it sit a week or even more in or out of the fridge. The cardboard helps keep the moisture in the mushroom. You don't need to remove the stalks as they aren't tough.

Grown in Co. Armagh


Gluten free
Dairy free
£2.90 for 150g

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