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Honduras La Florencia - 250g Beans


Bailies Coffee Roasters is based in Belfast and have an excellent reputation for their sourcing, flavour and quality. You'll know Bailies already as they supply lots of Belfast's and Northern Ireland's favourite coffee spots.

Bailies Coffee Roasters source their coffee beans themselves and operate direct trade principles. This a fair and ethical way to work with coffee growers which guarantees prices and fair treatment. It's for this reason that Local Box chose Bailies, we want our customers to be confident in the origin, sourcing and fairness of the coffee they drink.

Single origin beans from Honduras.

Notes: Nectarine, Hazelnut, Dark Chocolate.

Roasted in Belfast


  • Coffee
  • Vegetarian
    Gluten free
    Dairy free
    £6.25 for 250g Beans

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