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Barnhill Apple Juice

Barnhill Apple Juice - 750ml


Barnhill Apple Juice has been a customer favourite since we launched. This is 100% farm pressed apple juice, no added sugar, never from concentrate. Just a crisp, tangy, refreshing cloudy apple juice like nature intended.

We stock a range of apple varieties from Barnhill so your apple juice may vary in apple variety from box to box. Varieties include, for example, Jonagold, Discovery, Cox, Red Elstar, Red Falstaff, Lord Lambourne, Katy.

From Co. Armagh.

No preservatives; colourings; sweeteners, no added water. Made from the whole fruit.


  • Apple juice, antioxidant: ascorbic acid (vitamin C) is added to delay discolouration.
  • Vegetarian
    Gluten free
    Dairy free
    £2.70 for 750ml

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