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Sparkling Apple Juice

Sparkling Apple Juice - 750ml


Barnhill Apple Juice from Co. Armagh has been a customer favourite at Local Box since day one. The Redmond family have been selling at St. George's Market in Belfast for years. Their apple juice is simply 100% pressed apple juice. It's the real thing.

Ken grows a number of varieties at his orchards in Co. Armagh and uses them in the juices, which means they taste slightly different each time from sharp and tangy through to sweet but always really refreshing.

They are great used as mixers or for making ice tea too.

Made in Co. Armagh.


  • Apple juice, antioxidant: ascorbic acid (vitamin C) is added to delay discolouration.
  • Vegetarian
    Gluten free
    Dairy free
    £2.70 for 750ml

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