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Pesto - 100g


Islander Kelp are bringing kelp to the masses with their wonderful flavours and innovative ideas. They are also creating and maintaining well paid jobs in island communities and their ethos combined with the great products is why we love them!

Coming from one of the most beautiful parts of Northern Ireland, Rathlin Island, this pesto has surpassed all other pesto to become my firm favourite. Also, it is plant based which means anyone following vegan or dairy free diets can finally enjoy pasta's greatest partner! Using rapeseed oil and sunflower seeds gives this pesto a nuttiness that is deeper than other pesto.

A little bit of this pesto goes a long way as it has a really rich and deep flavour. It's also full of healthy goodness so eat up! A fresh sourdough loaf and a jar of this and you'll be in food heaven.

From Rathlin

Shelf Life
  • 4 months+
  • Kelp (36%), cold pressed rapeseed oil, basil, toasted sunflower seeds, garlic, dried inactive yeast, lemon juice, salt, acidity regulator, pepper.
Gluten free
Dairy free
£4.20 for 100g

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