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Big Brunch Box


We're big on brunch at LocalBox. We love a slow weekend morning filled with yummy food and a large pot of coffee.

Bread and eggs, the base of any brunch, but we've put in some peanut rayu too, which is delicious on top of your eggs, however you like them. Morning Glory Granola is the best going in our opinion, and it's great to nibble on with some yoghurt while you wait for your eggs to be cooked and your coffee to brew.

There's enough here for 3-4 people, or 2 very hungry people!

Includes: 1x Knead and Prove white sourdough 1x Bailies coffee (ground) 1x Cavanagh free range eggs (medium) 1x Tacacucina roasted peanut rayu (450g) 1x Clandeboye Estate natural yoghurt (450g) 1x Morning Glory vegan vibe granola (400g)



£23.00 for 1 Box