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Compostable Gift Box
Compostable Gift Box

Compostable Gift Box - Large Box


Buy a box to fill with your own choice of products for a gift. If you add the box to your own order, we will deliver it flat so you can assemble it when it is ready to be used, or create a gift order and we will deliver the box full of your chosen produce directly to the recipient.

These boxes are recyclable and/or compostable, decorated with paper raffia ribbon.

They are the right size for our products so they appear full and generous without using lots of padding or filler. We will use compostable, dried, shredded wood as void filler where it is needed.

The large box is 30cm x 22cm x18cm, our large bottles of apple juice fit in this box, lying down. It is also ideal if you want to assemble a large gift box of items.

Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions about gifting or boxes hello@localboxni.com or via the website chat.

£2.20 for Large Box

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