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Young Buck - 150g - min. 150g


Northern Ireland's first raw milk cheese, this is a single herd, blue cheese made by Mike of Mike's Fancy Cheese, the well known tiny cheese shop in Belfast that champions local cheeses. Even if you don't like blue cheese normally, this one stands out on its own and is really easy to enjoy, next thing you know it's all gone!

Rich and creamy, this is delicious on crackers; on toasted sourdough; topped on pizzas and burgers; or made in to sauces for pasta or steak.

Note: This is cheese is made with raw milk.

Made in Newtownards.


  • Raw milk, salt, lactic cultures, animal rennet, penicillium roqueforti
  • Allergens

  • Milk
  • Gluten free
    £5.00 for min. 150g

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