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Suki Teas
Earl Grey Blue Flower
Earl Grey Blue Flower
Earl Grey Blue Flower

Earl Grey Blue Flower - 15 Pyramid Bags


Earl Grey with an upgrade, hand-blended at Suki HQ in Belfast. This tea incorporates beautiful bright blue cornflowers and has the floral bergamot flavour familiar to Earl Grey fans. A real treat at tea time and if you haven't tried Earl Grey before, this is where to start!

Suki Tea has a fantastic reputation for delivering on quality and taste and we chose to stock their teas because of their ethical sourcing. This tea is triple certified- Fairtrade, organic and Rainforest Alliance Certified.

The pyramid bags are plastic free so you can put them in your food waste bin!


  • Organic East African black tea (97.5%), Centaurea cyanus flower petals (1.5%), natural bergamot flavouring (1%).
  • £5.45 for 15 Pyramid Bags

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