Salad Leaves
Salad Leaves
Salad Leaves

Salad Leaves - 120g


Jo and Erin of The Edible Flower grow these delicious salad leaves on their 7-acre farm in Saintfield. Seasonal, peat-free, herbicide-free and pesticide-free- you can absolutely taste the goodness and the love!

Keep in the fridge and they will stay fresh until Tues/Wed after delivery, maybe even longer. The leaves are hand picked and are really big so you can chop them up for whatever you're using. The blend of leaves is always really interesting and tasty, not your usual mix, there may be pea shoots or a little bit of dill or mustard leaves in there. We love a big helping of these leaves on the side of a Capparelli dinner. One bag is four generous servings.

Read all about The Edible Flower's salad leaves here:

Shelf Life
  • 3-4 days+
  • Mustard
Gluten free
Dairy free
£3.00 for 120g

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